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Diampu oleh dosen-dosen profesional dari kampus-kampus terbaik.

This study is focused on addressing the tasks of developing learning objects and media delivery using digital education techn... Baca Selengkapnya

This study identified priorities for the implementation of SDGs in terms of basic education and identify the development of t... Baca Selengkapnya

One of the important issues in the online learning model is related to the issue of engagement. Many parties find it very dif... Baca Selengkapnya

The model is based on students' activities data in learning management systems (LMS) i.e., the number of accessing materials,... Baca Selengkapnya

his study evaluates the experience of higher education students in Indonesia as users of the ICE Institute system and its onl... Baca Selengkapnya

This study examined how students with different demographic backgrounds adopt or fail to adopt self-regulated learning to eng... Baca Selengkapnya

The development of learning technology cannot be separated from breakthroughs made by experts in technology and education. Th... Baca Selengkapnya

This study provided empirical information on how ICE Institute as a digital marketplace system and its online courses collect... Baca Selengkapnya


ICE Institute

ICE Institute sebagai marketplace matakuliah daring menjadi wadah para pakar, peneliti, pengajar dan pelajar untuk berbagi wawasan sesuai dengan keahlian mereka untuk disampaikan kepada kepada khalayak umum.


ICE Institute

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