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Guide To Getting Started Edx Course - ICE Institute

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There are two steps you have to follow to start the ICE institute course

A.    Create an account
B.    Start studying


A.    Create an Account 
In the process of creating an account, you should pay attention to your email address. The email address you used when creating your account must be the same as the email you registered with. And here are the steps to create an account:
1.    Access via a web browser and type the URL Then you will be directed to a new page, as shown below.


2.    Click the Create an Account menu, and fill in all the available fields as shown below


3.    Click the Create Account button to continue the registration process.
4.    Then you have to activate the account you just created by opening your email and seeing a new message, as shown below 


5.    Click the Confirm my email button to continue the activation process for the account


B.    Start learning
At this stage, you can start studying courses at ICE Institute. 
Make sure you have created an account. If not you can return to stage A. Create an Account. 
Steps to start learning at ICE Institute:
1.    Access via a web browser and type the URL Then you will be directed to a new page, as shown below.



2.    Enter the Email and Password that you registered earlier, then click the Sign In button
3.    After successfully logging in, you will be shown your dashboard page containing the courses you managed to get, as shown below




4.    You can immediately start learning by clicking the Resume button in one of your courses
5.    Happy learning, and be ready to get a certificate 



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Meilin Maarebia

Saya mengerti dan ingin mempraktekannya dalam kegiatan kuliah dikampus nanti

2022-11-24 05:26:40

Najeeha Najeeb

I need some course Thanks you for your great opportunity .

2023-03-15 03:06:44


I have to follow some course on Coursera, How can I buy or follow courses with free of charge

2023-04-13 21:19:33



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