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Our Story

We let you focus on people, not processes.

Kalibrr was founded to revolutionize the way candidates find career and companies hire talent. We believe that recruitment is the business of people, not transactions. Our commitment to people is what allows us to evolve from our humble beginning in 2013 to emerge as the most-sought after IT company providing hiring solutions in Southeast Asia.

The lessons and knowledge we have learned through years of recruiting success have allowed millions of jobseekers to discover not only jobs, but also their careers. Companies across industries and sizes have picked Kalibrr for our proven strategy to engage and attract the top talent from all over.

No one else puts seamless experience at the heart of everything we do. Every product and service we offer is designed to help companies to hire, and candidates to get hired, better, faster, and simpler.

Our mission is to connect companies with their next generation of leaders.

Our Values

Be a founder

Take on personal responsibility without complaint. You learn and recruit skills as needed and deliver results, despite politics. You can’t rest once you see a problem that needs to be fixed or an opportunity that needs to be seized.

Be an entrepeneur

Initiate action, even when not asked. Believe you can do it, even if you’ve never done it before. Face the unknown with the zeal and passion of a founder. Be ambitious and have a strong why for everything you do.

Be a collaborator

By default, your mind and heart should be open to new ideas, fresh perspectives, and opposing opinions. We can go much faster by understanding one another, even if we don’t necessarily agree with one another.

Be an engineer

Approach problems with the mind of an engineer by understanding the problem deeply, using data to guide your decisions and evaluating the trade-offs between different options. Focus on building towards the right solution, rather than the perfect one.

Be a marketer

You don’t have to be the CEO or head of marketing to sell or market Kalibrr. Everyone in the company is a walking and living example of our brand. Be ready to sell Kalibrr to a potential hire, potential customer, or potential investor.

Be a leader

Even if it’s not in your job title, you can be a leader for others and certainly be a leader for yourself. Have a vision of what you want in your life, in your role and in this company and collaborate with your team to help make that vision happen.

Be an example

For your team, your customers, your jobseekers, and your country.




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